We help protect Earth's water, land, and people.

Saltwater Stories develops and implements critical social impact projects in the climate and justice space.

We work with nonprofits, governmental agencies, community-based organizations, and impact startups on natural resource management, rural development, women's livelihoods, and indigenous technical ecological knowledge.

Our work is deeply rooted in community and equity.

About Our Work

We provide customized, comprehensive project development and storytelling services that foster lasting transformation.

Our services include:
- Community engagement
- Project design and implementation
- Baseline studies and assessments
- Value chain development
- Storytelling for success stories
- Capacity building

Our domains include:
- Water conservation
- Sustainable agriculture
- Biodiversity conservation
- Community development
- Conflict areas

Our two-year project in Rajasthan, India focused on the holistic development of tribal and socioeconomically backwards farmers.
Promoting village-level water management and boosting farmer income through value-addition.



Transforming Communities

We have a strong focus on vulnerable populations and aim to bridge the gap between crisis intervention and environmental sustainability for lasting impact.

Our mission goes beyond simply providing the best services possible: we are committed to fostering the deepest and most authentic form of human connection.

Process Behind Growth

We work closely with our clients to understand their community's unique needs and challenges. We believe in deep collaboration to co-create solutions.

( 01 )
Initial Assessment and Goal Setting
( 02 )
Strategy Development
( 03 )
Implementation and Post-Project Analysis

We deep-dive into understanding your needs and goals, craft a strategic roadmap, and execute the project with flexibility to adapt to evolving circumstances.

Serving the Earth and all its beings together  

It is our duty to cherish and safeguard our planet, and through our work, we aim to inspire a profound respect for the environment and a commitment to sustainable practices. By bridging communities and elevating voices, we strive to create a harmonious balance between human progress and ecological preservation, ensuring a thriving world for future generations.

Our work stands on the shoulders of countless stewards of the Earth who have safeguarded our planet for millennia, withstanding forces of destruction and oppression.

We honor their resilience and their continued work by amplifying voices, centering community, and striving for a more just and compassionate world.