Nonprofit & Impact Consulting
implementing mission-critical Projects

Saltwater Stories offers comprehensive non-profit and impact consulting services to impact startups, government agencies, and nonprofits.

Community Research, Engagement & Capacity Building

We focus on the community every step of the way, from in-depth research to ongoing training for project sustainability.

Project Feasibility, Planning & Implementation

We offer end-to-end support, from initial surveying to design and execution, ensuring your project meets its goals seamlessly.

Marketing & Communications

We help amplify your mission with our expert marketing and communications strategies.

Fundraising Strategy

Our tailored fundraising strategies and campaigns help you achieve meaningful change.

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our portfolio
transforming communities

We have a strong focus on vulnerable populations and natural resource management, bridging the gap between crisis intervention and environmental sustainability for lasting impact.

Our process
Collaborative & community-centric

We believe in working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and challenges, fostering a collaborative environment where solutions are co-created.

Initial Assessment and Goal Setting

We deep-dive into understanding your organization's needs and aspirations, identify key challenges and opportunities, and set clear KPIs and achievable goals.

Strategy Development and Planning

We craft a strategic, tailored roadmap and design a detailed plan of action. This step involves brainstorming innovative solutions, laying out timelines, and determining the necessary resources for success.

Implementation & Post-Project Analysis

We execute the project with open communication and flexibility to adapt to evolving circumstances. Post-implementation, we conduct thorough analyses to measure results and identify areas for improvement. This reflective stage is essential for continuous growth and refinement.
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our approach

impact methodology

Our methodology at Saltwater Stories combines rigorous research, empathetic community engagement, and strategic capacity building to create sustainable impact solutions.

We aspire to connect and move.


Community over all else.

We thrive on building bridges and co-creating solutions. We do this by forging strong & kind relationships with our clients and the communities they work with, knowing that transformative change comes from the grassroots level.

In addition, we foster strong community within Saltwater, paying ethical rates to our subcontractors, providing pro bono services to those in need, and contributing profits to marginalized communities around the world.

Collaboration & Transparency

We believe in the long term.

We see collaboration as the key to success and achieving transformative outcomes for our clients and the causes they champion. We view our clients as partners, and we actively seek their input and ideas throughout every stage of a project.

We believe in the power of radical transparency, which means that we share every detail of our processes, strategies, and insights with our clients.

Clients are active participants and through collective wisdom, we achieve lasting success.

Empathy & Equity

We are nothing, if not kind.

To truly create meaningful change, we approach every project with a deep sense of empathy, understanding the diverse needs and challenges that our clients and communities face.

This empathy extends to our choice of clients - we only work with clients whose values align with our commitment to equity and social impact.

Customization & Intentionality

Good things take time.

We tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs and goals of each client. We invest extensive time scoping out a project before we even start, researching, strategizing, and planning how to best reach your goals.

We do not accept any rush projects. Our clients are with us for the long-haul and believe in intentionality behind strategy. We take the time to thoroughly understand your missions, values, goals, and communities you serve, allowing us to create strategies and designs that resonate deeply - this process simply cannot be rushed without compromising the quality and authenticity of the final product.

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Saltwater Stories is a creative and storytelling agency for grassroots nonprofits and unique small businesses. We work with select clients who align with our values of community, equity, and justice to plan and implement critical projects and tell their stories in a digital age.
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